Monday, August 27, 2007

This is Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week is a promotional campaign first initiated by Privacy Victoria (Australia) in 2001. This year, for the first time, Privacy Awareness Week has gone international.

The week is an opportunity for organizations and agencies covered by privacy legislation to promote privacy awareness to their staff, customers, and to the wider community. The theme for Privacy Awareness Week 2007 is ‘Privacy is your business'.

Do you know your rights and obligations with respect to privacy? Organizations, governments, and government agencies in many countries are bound by a variety of privacy laws. As consumers, each of us is responsible to understand what our rights and responsibilities are under those laws.

Learn more about your rights!

In Australia: Privacy Victoria


Anonymous said...

The Canadian Association of Professional Access and Privacy Administrators (CAPAPA) -- Canada’s leading association serving privacy and access professionals -- is spearheading the campaign to promote privacy awareness in Canada.

CAPAPA is a key source for helping Canadians recognize their privacy rights and responsibilities, and is the privacy advocate’s source for issues such as the passenger name record exchange, emerging RFID CHIP technology, and CAPAPA's Submission to the Senate on proposed changes to Canada’s Election Act. More information on these and other Canadian privacy issues is at

For posters and tools to use in your organization, and for more information on how you can promote Privacy Awareness Week 2007, visit

Sharon E. Herbert said...

Thanks for all of the information about CAPAPA; I have edited my post to include a link to this organization.

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