Saturday, August 23, 2008

Privacy Mode Planned for IE8

Internet Explorer 8, due for release later this year, will incorporate a private browsing feature. According to CNET, Microsoft registered two trademarks in July which point to privacy functionality in the browser - ClearTracks and Inprivate:

The Cleartracks trademark involves "computer programs for deleting search history after accessing Web sites," according to the Microsoft filing. And the Inprivate trademark involves "computer programs for disabling the history and file caching features of a Web browser; and computer software for notifying a user of a Web browser when others are tracking Web use and for controlling the information others can access about such use."

Mac's Safari already has a private browsing mode while Firefox's PrivateBrowsing is
in development. With all three, private browsing is envisioned as a temporary mode, that users will need to switch on at times when they do not want to leave behind a search trail.

Photo by: Sunside


mythicshadows said...

Does this have something to do with the ubiquitous 'Trusted Computing' surprise they have buried in new computers. i.e. Lenova. In the setup program for the motherboard this little time bomb lies ticking...ticking..ticking....

Sharon E. Herbert said...
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Sharon E. Herbert said...

Thanks for your comment, mythicshadows.

A ticking time bomb, indeed!

For anyone wanting more info: